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frenchgypsy's Journal

The French Gypsy
15 January 1941
I'm here because my daughter put me here in livejournal land. As I explained to her, my writings are usually very private...I'm approaching the century mark (well it's a ways off yet)and my view of the world is not always a very pretty one. But I am if nothing else an incurable optimist. I believe in the power of spirits and always try to align myself with the positive. I have found that when I do align correctly, life is incredibly sweet. Love does show up unexpectedly as well as hate so you always have a 50-50 chance.

I've been blessed with wonderful companions and horrible companions...those who walk the road with me for a while and then take another road, those who are always with me though not present, and finally those who are in physical contact with me daily. It's hard to be lonely with that much company.

Ultimately, I believe in the higher power and try to live my life in accordance.
dancing, friday staff meetings, good restaurants, italy, long walks, medium, movies, my 1995 saturn sc2., picnics in the park, red cameros, shopping, silverado trucks, singing