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The perils of travel in the good old USA

So I printed out my Chase statement tonight because there was a charge I didn't recognize.  Since my corporate card was recently hacked, I called immediately, found out the cryptic description was a phone charge and since I didn't recognize the name or the location - Nebraska! - I shut down the card.  Before I got off the phone the card guy gave me the vendor phone number.  I called it and to my chagrin discovered that it was related to the hotel reservation I made this week (I forgot I had done that on the phone).  Had the acronym RCI appeared on the statement, I would have called them and asked them what the charge was all about.  But no, the name was GPN T-FEE 877-YOURGPN.  What was I supposed to think? 

Now I get to call the hotel again and while trying to tie my new reservation to the original one, find out why no one mentioned this mysterious charge to me while I was on the phone making the reservation.  Or why this charge did not appear on my email confirmation?  Grrrr.  I am so disgusted.  I hope we survive this vacation.


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